The Hidden Value of Consumption Data

December 19, 2018

 Many do not realize the hidden value of their consumption data. Measuring and tracking your energy usage paves the path of efficiency. It provides you real-time and historical data of your consumption and the necessary analytical tools to put that data to good use.

By analyzing consumption trends and averages, you would be able to better comprehend what is happening in your facility and get control over cost allocation. In turn, it offers you the possibility to track equipment, shift operating times, turn equipment off at peak times and improve your electrical system performance. The point is that Sub-metering offers the opportunity for real energy cost reductions in your facility.

Monitoring Energy Usage

In the age of efficiency, energy use reduction contributes to both; the bottom line and the environment. The monthly utility invoice does not provide executives the necessary consumption data to make informed decisions about their building's energy; even when there is access, because the information is not easy to read. Luckily, Sub-metering with the appropriate software interface provides detailed energy usage monitoring.

Determining High Consuming Loads

Energy reduction prioritization is the first step in a successful energy management program. This is achieved by first establishing the top energy users within the facility. Once these high consumers are identified, users can begin shedding and shifting loads, or target inefficiency more effectively.

Keeping Track of Energy Reduction Efforts

With sub-metering devices installed throughout the distribution system, users can measure the overall effectiveness of their energy reduction efforts. This is achieved by a combination of both load management as well as the use of high-efficiency devices. The implemented programs will provide feedback regarding their success, alongside the cost savings they achieve.


When choosing an energy monitoring system, it's important that it can analyze and report data, and also help you take necessary actions to improve the building energy performance. Numerous communication methods can be implemented to provide the essential data in the most cost-effective way possible. These communication methods can be used to send notifications to critical users in the event of variations. Users could be alerted if there is an excessive difference in demand, showing the actual difference regarding cost and actual consumption.

Consumption data can be compared by day, by week, or by month. Several such meters can also be compared over a particular period. This high degree of customization is critical for receiving the right information at the right time. While the CFO would be more interested in a cost to budget ratio, the CEO may, however, want to learn more about total costs and CO2 emissions, for instance. All of this data is readily available for anyone who needs it to make the most informed decision possible.

It is the economic importance of energy consumption and the lack of actionable consumption data that leads many facilities to partner up with energy management specialists. They will help identify, measure, evaluate, and act upon various energy initiatives.

The benefits of one such partnership can surpass those presented here and also include things like a better market perception or proof of accomplished social responsibility.


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