Difference Between Current Transformer (CT) and Voltage Transformer

March 23, 2022

As an “instrument transformer,” a Current Transformer (CT) produces an alternating current in its secondary winding, which is proportional to the current in its primary. Therefore, Current Transformers can reduce high currents to a lower value, providing

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Why it is Important to Control Energy Consumption Demand

February 24, 2022

Picture a person living alone who consumes 8,000 US Gallons of water a month; Then picture a fire hydrant used by the firemen when putting a fire out in a small shed, that took a few hours, used exactly 8,000 US Gallons of water.

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How Do Multipliers For Meters Work?

July 14, 2021

What is a Multiplier

Property managers in buildings with electricity, water, gas or thermal energy meters have to extract readings from them to  measure and monitor the consumption of different areas or different units in the building.

Meters use

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Types of electric meters and how they work

April 01, 2020

When you consider how difficult it must be to measure something which you cannot see, cannot taste, cannot grasp, cannot smell and cannot hear, you will realize how great of an accomplishment it was for engineers, like Oliver Shallenberger at

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