How Long Can One Extend the Leads on a MilliAmp Current Transformer?

October 17, 2023

This is a commonly asked question by contractors when installing an Intellimeter system. 

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5 Ways to Manage Your Business Energy Costs

April 03, 2023

Running a business comes with many different costs, no matter what business you are in, energy and water may be significant. That being said, with the cost of energy on the rise, businesses need to understand how to manage these expenses to stay

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Is EV Range Anxiety Justified?

March 20, 2023

Electric vehicle buyers go through a natural feeling of “range anxiety” or fear of the EV not having sufficient charge to complete its full journey. Agreed, range anxiety is a valid feeling to have but only to an extent, and as we will show, it really is

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A Guide to Developing Your Own Energy Conservation Plan

February 21, 2023

Most people these days are looking for ways to lessen their environmental impact and save money on energy bills. Energy conservation is becoming more and more critical with every passing day. That said, you can get a handle on your energy consumption and

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