Installing an EV Charging Station in A Single-family Home

January 06, 2022

Electric cars are becoming cheaper, and batteries are becoming more powerful. As a result significant number of car owners are trading filling up for plugging in, and many more are thinking of joining them. We should soon see a major shift towards

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Benefits of Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS)

December 09, 2021

Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) are a tool to facilitate the Energy Manager save on utility expenses and improve productivity. EMIS helps Property Owners and Property Managers attain consistent savings year after year by benchmarking and

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Why Multi-Unit Residential Buildings Should Install EV Charging Stations

November 25, 2021

Electric vehicles are becoming the choice of young vehicle owners aligned with achieving sustainability..

With increased interest in Electric Vehicles, multi-unit residential buildings will soon have to invest in EV charging stations to remain

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Is 5G a technology for Sub-Metering and Smart Metering Applications?

November 10, 2021

Since 2019 a new telecommunications standard has been deployed worldwide by Cellular Telephone Services Providers, we are talking about fifth generation of cellular networks. This fifth generation, known as 5G, comes with faster speeds and larger

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